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Custom Ski Boots and Liners

Canyon Sports Therapy presently carries a limited inventory of ski boot and custom liners which help fill the gap missing for the recreational skier needing precise alignment and the difficult to fit individual.  We work closely with only the best local ski shops to make sure you start with the best boot and appropriate size for your body.  Your journey begins with a comprehensive ski biomechanical assessment which looks at your body structure, function and present ski boot set up.  This often times results in a recommendation for a new ski boot.  Once your boot is chosen, we get together to recheck your fit and begin the fitting process.

Ski boot Fitting and alignment Fees:

Ski biomechanical assessment: 150.00 USD
This takes approximately 1½ hours and includes the preliminary physical and mechanical evaluation of your equipment.  In some cases in includes a second session in order to evaluate which boot will be your best option.

Custom Orthotics:  190.00 USD
This includes all the fitting necessary to interface the orthotic into your boots so that your feet are in a balanced and comfortable position.  All punching and grinding is included. This also includes cuff alignment and canting assessment.

Canting : (If necessary) -180.00 USD

Custom Foam Liners:- 480.00 USD

Boot fitting only:- 80.00/hr. USD

Ski Boot prices:- Please call for availability and pricing.

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